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Camber Technology Uncovered!

In an age of rapid technological advancements, Camber Technology has arisen as a response to the next generation of digitally progressive lenses. Complex curves provide excellent vision correction, superior optics as well as cosmetic personalization.
The Camber Digital lens design gives us a lot of power to create lenses that are customized to you. When a progressive lens is made from a single vision lens blank, the uniform front curve creates optical problems that lens designers must digitally correct. Camber’s new variable base curve technology reduces the need for compensation correction, allowing more digital design power to be used to refine and customize the design for each individual eye.

By utilizing the power of complex curves on both surfaces of the lens, Camber seems to offer something for everyone. Better optics, cosmetics, improved near and widened distance zones. Camber is truly a breakthrough for the the patient. The camber lens offers expanded reading zones, improved peripheral vision, and a more cosmetically appealing (flatter) lens. It is offered in many materials and styles.
Complex Curves Explained
Camber Technology combines complex curves on both surfaces of the lens to provide excellent vision correction.

The unique, continuously changing surface curvature of the specially designed lens blank allows expanded reading zones with improved peripheral vision.

When combined with a sophisticated back surface digital design, both surfaces work together to accommodate an expanded Rx range which offers better cosmetics (flatter) for many prescriptions, and yields a superior user-preferred near vision performance for many prescriptions.

The Camber Technology is available in many styles such as polarization and transitions.
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